Cost Of Home Appraisals

The costs of home appraisals very greatly depending on what type of home appraisal you want. There are professional home appraisal services and there are home appraisal services that cost nothing.

Obviously you would think that the more you pay for the service the more accurate it would be, but this simply is not true. I have ordered professional home appraisals for hundreds of dollars and they were off by several thousand dollars.

The key to a good home appraisal is to find a professional who truly knows the area you are interested in. If you are selling your home you don’t want to rely on someone who normally works fifty miles away. You would rather use someone who is used to your backyard. So before deciding on a professional home appraiser make sure you ask what percentage of his or her appraisals are in your area.

Another consideration is the cost of home appraisals. Professional appraisals usually are two hundred to five hundred dollars. This type of appraisal is normally the most accurate and takes about two hours to perform. Other appraisal methods are much less expensive and can be just as accurate.

Ask several realtors that sell in your area to give you an appraisal. Most realtors will do this for zero cost and their numbers will be pretty accurate. If you need a good realtor in your area I would suggest submitting your information here. These realtors are top realtors in your area and will compete for your business.

Another way to get a fairly accurate home value is to use one or two of the online home appraisal services. These services are free of charge. I recommend you use two of these services to get an accurate home value. Both of these services are free. You simply enter your information and the website will give you a fairly accurate value for your home within seconds.

You can have real estate agents bid for your business at HomeGain. I highly recommend this to help you get the best real estate agent in your area.

Costs Of Home Appraisals